If you doubt your husband’s relationship with another woman, then you do it, it lit up at night for a little camphor should be concerned if the discount will |
On Sunday night while sleeping husband in bed sleeping side with some oak and give fragmented and the morning shower in the name of her mother Parvati fill your demand |

Pati Vashikaran Totke

The woman is your husband’s contact with his name each letter equal Makhane Makhane write his name on the letter | to get rid of the husband of the woman praying to God and burn all those with any type of Mkhano black ash coming down to the foot of her husband Manage
Another woman behind your spouse if your insults any sleep on Thursday three grams peach pies, Ateke two Peda, three bananas and a similar range of gram dal wet your calf is feeding a cow is fed | making the request of my mother feeding her, I gave you my baby fruits give your child fruit | days in the way your husband will be |

                    महागौरी बरसायेंगी प्यार ही प्यार :-

(1): – Navami day Swetark ie white Madar put in place by bringing the plant | Diwali worship plant | Surely you will benefit from the worship of white Madar plant | Love between husband and wife will |
(2): – intact and conjugal love fortune-raising idea is simple | Lady of the house brought the basil plant, quarter past two in your hand and apply on elevation with hand | The basil plant Krishnpaksh down from the eighth until the lamp must Jlayen chaturdasi | Tulsi Ji vermilion Cdayen | Give continual water | And conjugal love will have the pleasure intact |

(3): – measures to perfect love relationship | Two amethyst gems dipped in the Ganges water to give them | The Ganges water spraying in the house every Saturday | Sweetness will Love |



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