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Fix Your Marriage As Soon As Possible With Dua

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Fix Your Marriage As Soon As Possible With Dua

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 Dua is a very powerful way to achieve any thing, but it’s having a condition that it works for only those peoples who are pure who have no any type of evil intentions in their mind then this dua technique works. Dua is the way that provides you discussion with God, you can say about your problems, your issues, your happiness or anything you want to share, if your prayer is pure and there is no any type of bad intentions then dua will definitely work for you. Dua for a couple getting married is a useful technique which helps you to attain the married if there is any type of issue in your marriage, dua is the way you can resolve your problems

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“Ooh God bless our marriage and let it be a meaningful marriage and resolve all types of issues that may occur in our marriage, let it be a source of incalculable blessings, gladness and delight”.

It is the prayer that will help you to resolve all the issues that may occur in your marriage, with the help of this one dua you can make your marriage, happy marriage and long lasting.

Dua For Getting Married After Divorce… .

Dua for getting married after divorce, if you are divorcing and want to get married once again, it’s not so easy because every individual wants to know about the reason that’s why you get divorced by your one partner and it’s not too easy to replying, even you are so innocent, but you have to be suffered with that type of situation so our this dua for getting married after divorce is helpful for those who want to get married after divorce.

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Surah Love Yaseen Wazifa

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Surah Love Yaseen Wazifa…

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Surah Love Yaseen Wazifa, As a lover, you may find different problems in your life. You try yourself best but love marriage is not happening to you. Parents do not agree on your marriage or the girl you love is afraid of her family and many more. Surah rehman wazifa for love marriage can solve all your love marriage problems. With this, you can do marriage of your own choice. Whether you are the girl or boy, you can recite this surah rehman wazifa for love marriage. Make sure not to skip even a single day while you start reciting this regularly.

Surah Rehman Wazifa for Love Marriage

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In total, you have to perform this surah rehman wazifa for love marriage for 11 days. So, first of all, you can make fresh wudu. Now, you should recite the Chapter Yaseen Sharif for 3 times. After this, you have to recite “Ya Allahu Ya Fattahu” for 303 times. You can now pray to Allah for solving your love marriage problem. Apart from this surah rehman wazifa for love marriage, you as well as your lover will have to do the following on Friday after your obligatory prayer on Friday:

To begin with, you should recite Darood Sharif for 10 times and then recite Ya Wadudo for 1001 times. At the end, you can recite Darrod Sharif for 10 times. Now, you can blow on salt and keep it with respect. This surah rehman wazifa for love marriage is a onetime wazifa. Both you and your lover will have to recite this wazifa.

The boy can recite this wazifa to convince his parents while girl can recite it to convince her parents. What you have to do is, you can mix this salt in your parents’ food on a daily basis for this surah rehman wazifa for love marriage to work. Also, you have to keep nice and polite behaviour with them.

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