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Win Court Case Wazifa

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Win Court Case Wazifa……

Win Court Case Wazifa, Court cases are the ugliest things that can happen to you. People curse each other that your house will welcome court cases. Court cases are a long procedure and it takes years to come out of it. You have to pay regularly to the lawyers for their appearance fees, court fees and other stationary expenses. But, there is no ultimate solution.

It is better to avoid court cases, and settle things in between. If you are going through a court case, you should try to come out of it as soon as possible. Use powerful Islamic remedies to win over the court cases. We will provide you with the best wazifa for court case, so that you can immediately find relief.

Win Court Case Wazifa

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If you have hurt any lady or children, Allah will punish you. If you have violated civil laws, you will not receive Allah’s meherbani. You can only be granted mercy, if you are innocent, and someone has been trying to harm you. Allah is with His pious children. You should follow the path of good to be able to receive His blessings during bad times. Be careful about your words and works.

Here is the best wazifa for court case for you:

Read Darood/Salawat every day for 11 times.

Read Fajr salah during the prime hours of sunrise. This will give you strength to bear the pain you are suffering from, due to the court case. Follow it with reading Surah fatah (Quran Chap 26). This will attract all positivity towards your side. Then read the Surah Toor (Quran Chap 27) to reduce the delay in your court case.

Do rakat nafal salah for two times. Follow this with reading Hiz bul behir. You have to read it 7 times. You can find these books at any Islamic book shop.

Hiz bul Behir is known to be a very Jalali wazifa. The dua to win court cases of Hiz bul Behir have been issued to Sayyedina Sheikh Abul Hasan Shazli (Rehmatullah alah). This dua was granted with the Prophet (Sallal laho alihey wa aalehi wasallam).

Note: The wazifa will only work; if your intentions were have been clean. You should never try to take help of such Amal, if you are the culprit. If you have done wrong, Khuda will punish you. You cannot be saved with any Dua, Salawat, Wazifa or Amal. Women should not read the wazifa during her menses.

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