Powerful Passion Panacea Spells Cast For Your Relationship


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                                PASSION SPELLS

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First coat both the candles with lavender oil and then using the needle or blade, carve out both your name and your partners name on either side of the candle. Then rub the oil over the candles again. The spell needs to be performed only on a Friday night, preferably late at night. Draw a pentagram on any surface, it can be a table or on a paper also. Next light the candles and the incense and place them inside a pentagram that you have drawn. The only condition is that the two candles must be placed opposite to each other.

Next take the marigold and Rose petals and coat them with the lavender oil as well. You may use as many petals as you want. Then dry the petals over the light of the candles and powder them. Place this in the drawstring pouch and wait for the candles to burn out completely. Collect the left over wax of the candle and put it in the pouch as well. Mix the contents of the pouch well and place it under your pillow or bed for one week. The spell is bound to work.

Make a circle with the rose petals. Use the athame to draw energy. Once this is done, you recite:
“The circle is cast and we are now between worlds, beyond the bounds of time, where night and day, birth and death, joy and sorrow meet as one.
It is in this place we invoke the tantric powers of Hectate.
And now we are as one.
So mote it be!”

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