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Hamzad Ko Hazir Karna

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Hamzad Ko Hazir Karna….

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 If you want to see the Hamzad so this is the most effective and most powerful technique in the Muslim tradition. In Muslim tradition people says that once you see the Hamzad, then you can see the Allah also. Although this technique is very easy, but in the correct way to implementation of this Amal is very diff icult.

                                                                    Hamzad Ko Bas Me Karna

If you want that your Hamzad do only those things which you want to do. And also want that your Hamzad plays  the same role which you want to play even in your absence. Then you have to do some procedure.

1.) First, you have to wear full of Muslim dress like black color of dress. You can also use the face covering clothing such as cheddar, boushiya, niqab, or burqa.

2.) The second thing is that you have to take care of that you can only use mustard oil in this procedure.

3.) After completion of the second procedure you have to burn lamp with the mustard oil. Actually, in the Islamic tradition lamp is the source of light and if you want to see the Hamzad then you have to use the light. But you after burning this lamp you have to keep in your backside, take care that this lamp should not burn in front of you.

4.) But one thing you have to take care that this procedure is successful only on that condition while you are doing all the procedure at middle of the night otherwise it will not work.

5.) After some time you can feel some changes in your body. Like your voice become very heavy. Suddenly,  your wait will in increased. And also you will feel in your nature as well as your behavior.

6.) After some days when Hamzad will present in front of you then you can tell everything and anything which you want to do. You can also fulfill your all the desire such as  bad work or good work. The Hamzad will do the same things which you want to do.