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Protection Against Witchcraft Dua

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Protection Against Witchcraft Dua….

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Protection Against Witchcraft Dua, Who are the witchcrafts? – Witchcrafts are people who have the access to shaitani taqat. They have possession of Jinn and Shaitan. Are they powerful? – Off course they are! They are extremely powerful. How do they use their power? – They use their power in extremely negative things. They support negativity, and destroy people’s life.

“Bismillaah hirRaahmaan nirRaaheem
With The Naame of aaLLaaH, The Beneficent aand The Merciful
SaallaaLLaaHU ‘aalaa Mu’haammaad SaallaaLLaaHU aalaayhe Waasaallaam”

If you are a follower of Allah, you must be aware of his powers. You know how and where Allah will help you. He is your savior. Your life is endangered. People around you are against you. They may show love and affection on face, but they are actually ruining your life. Such people, who are jealous of you, take support of witchcraft’s. These people have Jinn and witches under their control. They can send negative energies towards your life.

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