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See Your Future Dua

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See Your Future Dua….

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See Your Future Dua, Some people believe in dreams while some don’t. Some consider it a link between our past, present and future. Some cast it away as a part of unseen. According to Islam, dreams are of three types:

  1. The dreams from Allah
  2. Dreams from shaytan
  3. Dreams arising out of personal desires and thoughts.

If you make ablution every night before you sleep, and recite “Ya Badeeyo” while lying down and trying to sleep, you will see true dreams. Not only this, you will see future in your dreams, things which are going to happen the next day.

However, you should be careful not to tell anyone about this. You need not ask anybody if you can’t interpret your dreams as slowly they will become clearer. You just need to be patient.

If you see a bad dream, about something bad going to take place, do the following:

Read Darood-e-Ibrahim 1 time. Then read Bismillah Hil Lazi La Ya Durro Ma Asme In Shay Un Fil Arde Vala Fis Seema-E Va Ho Vas Sami Ul Aleem thrice. Now read Darood-e-Ibrahui one time.

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