dil ko sukoon ki dua in quran

Dua For Sukoon In Life

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Dua For Sukoon In Life………

Dua For Sukoon In Life the first word that comes to your mind when you think about what you desire in life. The world around you is critical. It is filled with problems, troubles, conflicts and arguments. People show that they are with each other. But very few people are actually with each other.

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Mostly, people are against each other, and are jealous of each others prosperity. There is competition around you. You have to run in the rat race everyday to stay and survive in this world. People are surrounded with all kinds of negativity. Such negativity come from:

Dua For Sukoon In Life…

Daily conflicts at home
No compromise between husband and wife
Lack of commitment between couples
Interference of family members in the matter of couples
Third party interference in between married couples
Unethical attraction towards others
Temptation for prosperity
Sibling rivalry
Child problems
Issues of children at school and at other activity centers
Legal battles between rivals
Problems related to properties between family member
Business problems
No appreciation in job
Lack of due appraisal in life
Lack of love in life
Lack of a support system in human form
Competition is job and education
Natural calamities like earth quake, flood and famine
Terrorist, dacoits and thief attacks

Dua To Survive Family Problems And Eradicate Them

People feel helpless due to family problems. We tend to forget that our home is the main source of encouragement and survival energies in our life. You can fight the entire world, if you have peace at home. It is necessary to establish family peace in order to get success in life. Various members of the family create troubles within the family. Read the dua for sukoon in home and establish peace at home.