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Business Problems Dua

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Business Problems Dua…….

Business Problems Dua, Business is a term which defines our lifestyle to a great extent. Source of Income is one of the crucial and most important part of our lives. You opt and goes to different roads to earn money, to live beautiful, luxurious life, life of your dreams. To fulfill your dreams, you apply every reachable method.


                                   Business Problems Dua

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There are different methods of earning, either jobs or your own business. Luck always plays to great extent important part in every aspect of your life. You try your best to get best in your jobs and business.

Education, Hard Work, Labor, Determination and Dedication are must and not avoidable but Karma, good deeds are also parallel to important. When after trying every method, still things doesn’t goes your way, you face a stage of depression.

No one can live without good source for living life and you cannot tolerate failure. Dua is one of the last and most effective way to go for. Dua means true Dedication and Faith towards the one you believe the most.

Dua that is Prayer or Faith not only include Idols or Offering huge amount of money and other materialistic things, but this is far away from all this greed. It includes purity, good heart and peace. Helping the needy ones and being true to everyone.

Dua as well as include not using any person for your own selfish, mean and work. People now days tend to live for their own means. No one can take the pain of facing failure in their business and loses as well.

Particular god doesn’t matter, neither matters the technique of your Dua. It is a pure word, which is far away from all these kinds of practicality, showcase and methods or techniques. It only includes your true soul.

Sometimes after doing all sort of labor, you still don’t get success. It’s just a matter of time and luck. You need to go for another source. Patience is the most important asset and tool for achieving anything. To achieve success in business, to have profit to avoid losses, to take your business to new heights you need to show strong will power.

Life is all about sudden events, sudden shocks, sudden surprises, sudden happiness, sudden sadness and lots more emotions you go throughout your lives, till the last breath. You sometime fall down the you stand up.

There comes a time, when you realize you have not invested much in the divine power and divine energy. And that realization point makes you move on towards Dua. You start going to Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudware and wherever you can for the one thing you want terribly you want in your life.

You sometimes face difficulty in sleeping at nights due to business tensions, you keep on thinking what is that you are not doing to improve everything and many questions occupies you.


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