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Astrological Remedies for Marriage

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Astrological Remedies for Marriage……..

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We all know that marriage is decided in the heavens but delays in marriage are believed to be corrected by certain remedies in astrology. Timing of marriage can be found out with the help of astrology. The various factors affecting marriages are houses, degrees, and ascendant and dasha system. The planets Venus and Jupiter are the significations of marriage signifying growth and love. Both Venus and Jupiter are the positive planets.

When Jupiter and Venus are passing through an individual’s 7th house or aspecting your 7th house from a certain house is supposed to set off prospect of marriage for the 7th house is being looked by Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth, then that house will be blown up like a balloon and you will see how marriage becomes an important aspect in your life.

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Childless Problem Solution Specialist

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Childless Problem Solution Specialist…

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Every women in this world want to become a mother. It is worlds best feeling for every woman. But not all couples are able to enjoy this great feeling. There are few problems or certain things because of which someone didn’t become father or mother. Some people says that through doctor’s help it can be change. But it is totally wrong because childless problem comes when your planets are not suitable for child at that time.

So if you wants to childless problem solution then your planets position has to be changed for that you need childless problem solution specialist astrologer like Peerji ojha who will solve your problem & help you in providing childless problem solution.

Peerji ojha possesses immense knowledge of astrological solutions which can turn your dream of becoming a parent into reality so that you experience the ultimate joy of parenthood.

Childless problem solution The Astrologer who is famous, and he is said to be the solution of the problem without Astrologer children, which has successfully and provided the solution for couples without children, which means that for those who have no child couple phenomena life or existing life. It is the dream of every married couple or couple lovely children themselves. However, some years are not able to deliver any kind of guy and that’s result is so disappointed and also says that result is as depression. Most couples who are sought help from infertility clinics so for this reason is not to be endowed baby. Some couples who are very anxious and mood that are very aggressive when they are not able to imagine it even after several years of their marriage.

Childless problem solution the solution of the problem without children is one in which the complex and inexplicable offspring that can be solved with the help or support of Vedic astrologer and also with the help of Vedic astrology. People make a detailed study of horoscope which are in the form of torque and discover the barriers that prevent women from conception is or is difficult because of the way pregnancy. A report by astrology pregnancy can be prepared by astrologers, plus also have pressure from their families and society that lead to more anxious or more aggressive forms form or condition.

Family Problem Solution Astrologer

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Family Problem Solution Astrologer

Family is basic need on someone & if there is family problem then

Image result for Family Problem Solution Astrologer nothing will go correct in your life. So for this every person must give proper time to resolve their family problems. Because if it can’t then it is diffcult to live with those family members at all. However, in today’s world, families are becoming smaller but their problems are increasing.

This is because we spend less time with each other because of their busy schedule and therefore it results into less understanding. Planets play important role in determining the harmony of a family.

So contact family problem solution astrologer Peerji ojha to resolve your family problems which results into proper understanding with your family members. Peerji  has solved many of family problem solution cases all over India. They can change the direction of planets towards mutual understanding of family members. So don’t hesitate & just call Peerjiojha to help in family problem solution.

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7 Strong Steps to Stop a Divorce

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7 Strong Steps to Stop a Divorce


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Many spouses ignore for years the alarms of discontent that their partner has been ringing. None of the complaints sounded like they might end up being causes for divorce. When their spouse “suddenly” announces that he or she is moving out, wants to end the marriage, or even has filed already for divorce, the ground below shakes like an earthquake. Is there any way, at that last-ditch point, to stop a divorce?

Ted announced on Friday to his wife Maria (names changed for confidentiality) that he wanted a divorce. Maria was shocked. She had no idea that her husband had been so unhappy. Yes, he had complained of this and that, but don’t all husbands complain? By Monday morning however Maria had made a decision. She would do all she could to stop the divorce. Here’s the 7 strong steps that she and I (the therapist she went to for help) mapped out together for her.

1.     Prepare for action

If you are serious about wanting to stop a divorce, as soon as possiblex, soothe the panic, skip the moping, and make an action plan.  The steps below will guide you to a strong start.

2.    Smother the urge to play victim

“How could you do this to me?” may express how you feel, but it’s likely to be a loser strategy for regaining your spouse’s affection.  Guilting your partner into returning will just win back, if it wins anything, a depressed “I hate being here again” spouse. Not a good way to stop a divorce.

To skip the “poor me,”  flip to “proud me.”  Remind yourself of the positive qualities you can bring to a marriage, and figure out how to show them in their full colors.  Pretty soon you’ll start believing in yourself more, and then

Notice that I said “show,” not “show and tell.”  Let your actions speak louder than words.  Save your words for appreciation of him, not for comments about yourself.  Flattery will get you everywhere.  Self-praise is a turn-off.

Speaking of appreciation, strong people give out lots of positivity.  Smile at your almost-ex.  Laugh at the almost-ex’s jokes.  Express affection.  Share your gratitude for good things your spouse has done.

3.     Clarify what you need to change

Make a list of all the negative comments that your spouse has made to you that now, with hindsight, you can see were attempts to stop a divorce.  List all the complaints, criticisms and angry comments you can recall that you probably see now were about causes for the current divorce attempt.

Check out the list with your almost-ex.  Be sure you left no criticisms out.  At the same time, keep your tone strong, as if you are just checking the list you are bringing to the grocery store.  “No big deal; I’m just beings certain my list is complete.”  No victim and no groveling either.

Once you have your list, think back to your family of origin.  From your Mom?  Your Dad?  An older sibling?

The more effectively you can identify where in growing up you might have learned that mistake, the more effectively you will be able to let go of the mistake and replace that habit with a far better one.

Then map a plan of action for fixing each and every item on your list.

4.     Look your best

Appearance can be a huge factor in the odds of success in stopping a divorce.

Lose weight.  Rethink your hairstyle.  Pay attention to the clothes you’ve been wearing: throw out those baggy sweat pants and outdated shoes.  Picture how you would look if you were to look strikingly attractive.  If the image isn’t clear, pay attention to attractive people in a clothing store or to newscasters or other well-dressed folks on TV.

Then figure out how to make that your new personal style.

5.     Clean up all the old hurts

Find out what resentments and hurt feelings your spouse carries that may have been factors that led to filing for a divorce.  Write out a list of all the moments that your ex recalls with anger or bitterness.  Create your own list as well.

Then go through each item on the list together, one by one, to “find the mis.” That means each of you needs to look for your own part in the misunderstanding, misperceptions, mistakes etc.  No one gets to comment on what the other did that was problematic.

Just aim to understand what you did that inadvertently contributed to the problem.  Apologize for it.  Then figure out what in the future you can do differently to prevent any repeats.

Mistakes are for learning.  If your marriage is rocky now, probably you haven’t been doing enough earning from your mistakes.

6.     Believe in yourself

To keep up your morale as you plow ahead with your steps to stop a divorce, think about the proverbial little engine that could, whose mantra became “I think I can, I think I can.”  Treasure this mantra, and say it to yourself multiple times a day.

If deep down you believe that you don’t deserve to be loved, you need to change that.  Use “temporal tapping,” a technique for changing self-defeating beliefs.  With the three longest fingers of your right hand, tap in a circle around your right ear.  Tap from front to back, down and around back up, completing a circle, for as many as 10 circles.  As you tap, say aloud, “I deserve to be loved.  I am lovable.  I deserve to be loved.  I am lovable. etc….” 

Temporal tapping reprograms your brain, replacing negative beliefs about yourself  with positive ones.

Recite your mantra and do you tapping multiple times with your new self-belief multiple times each day, as often as possible until your determination and self-confidence feels strong enough to rely on them.

7.     Learn the skills that everyone needs if they want to be good at marriage partnership

You wouldn’t expect to walk into a courtroom to conduct a trial without first learning the skills of a lawyer.  Yet how much training did you get for the job of spouse?  Probably very little, even though the skills you need to succeed at the job take most people significant training to do successfully.

Learn the four skill sets essential for sustaining a loving relationship: 1) talking together cooperatively 2) making win-win decisions together 3) preventing anger from spoiling your relationship and 4) pumping up the positivity you emanate to each other.  Self-help blog-posts and books or an online course can get you there; sometimes a couples counselor can also be a reliable mentor, but pick carefully to be sure the one you choose can teach you the skills you need.

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कर्जा मुक्ति के लिए सरल उपाय karja mukti ke saral upay in Hindi

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कर्जा मुक्ति के लिए सरल उपाय karja mukti ke saral upay in Hindi

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कर्जा मुक्ति के लिए सरल उपाय ,” हाथ में दोष होने के कारण किसी न किसी प्रकार कर्जा बना रहता है या फिर तकलीफो को सामना करना पड़ता है-

उपाय :
कर्जा मुक्ति के लिए सरल उपाय –
१. पांच गुलाब के फूल ले ले जिनकी पंखुड़िया टूटी न हो फिर एक सवा मीटर सफेद कपडा ले और उसके चारो कोनो में चार गुलाब के फूल बांध दे और आखिरी फूल बीच में  बांध दे और फिर इस कपडे को गंगा में डाल दे –
ये उपाय शनिवार को करना है –
२. सूर्य को जल दे प्रत्येक रविवार को ताम्बे  लोटे में 31 बीज लाल मिर्च के डाल  कर सूरज को जल दे –
Hath mein dosh hone ke karan vykti pr kisi na kisi prakaar ka karja bana rahata hai aur wo insaan takleefo ka samna karta rahata hai- (peerji ojha)
Karz Mukti Ke Liye Saral Upay:-
1. Paanch gulaab ke fool lene hai shaniwar ke din jinki pankhudiya tooti na ho aur sawa meter safed kapda aur chaar gulaab ke fulo ko charo kono mein bandh dena hai aur aakhiri gulaab ke phool ko beech mein bandh dena hai aur phir us kapde ko ganga mein daal de na hai-
2. Surya ko prtyek ravivar ko jal dena hai.  Ek taambe ke lotte mein 31 laal mirch ke beej daal kar suraj devta ko jal de.
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Sautan Se Chutkara

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Sautan Se Chutkara

Sautan Se Chutkara, If your husband is in extra marital affair or have fallen in love with the woman who is more beautiful, rich and attractive than you, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible as it may be dangerous for your married life.

Sautan Se Chutkara

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Sometimes another woman in between husband wife may be the reason of divorce.  A Sautan always gives you misery so better consult with a Sautan problem solution specialist to get eliminated Sautan from your spouse’s life forever.

You need to save your family from ruining before it is too late. It is very common, many males have extra marital affair as they don’t get satisfied with one woman and look forward to another woman in their life. Only wife has to suffer most because of carelessness of the husband. You need not to worry about it as there are so many remedies to get rid of Sautan.

Those women who are going through mental disorders and depression due to affair of their partner and want him back, then they can use some totka and mantra to get out of the difficult situation.

Sautan Se Chutkara

You can live a peaceful life with the help of it. Sometimes some girls do some tona totka to get your husband towards them, so it might be the reason of your husband distraction. This is the problem of every woman and she has to face problem from Sautan. If you want a happy and healthy life with your partner then you need to root out the hurdles in your way.

You need to try each and every way to stay Sautan away from your life. You can solve all your problems with the help of Sautan Se Chutkara Ke Upay like Totka and Mantra. These ways are quite powerful and effective that starts work from the first day.

Sautan Se Chutkara Ke Upay…

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To get rid of Sautan from your life is not as difficult as it seems. Sautan Se Chutkara Ke Upay makes it possible and you can use these ways. There are so many men who are not happy and content with their wife and married life and get attracted towards other women.

As result, they choose someone to get married again, and forget the love and affection of first wife. If your husband tries to ignore you and don’t listen to you, this can be a painful situation for you. These Upay are made for those married women who are nervous and disappointed with the extra marital affair of their husbands.

Sautan Se Chutkara

These Upay can change the thinking of your husband and make him love you again. He starts love you more than any other woman, if you would follow the right procedure of these Upays.

  • Take 38 daane of Kaali Udad Daal and 40 danne of Rice and burry it in a hole. Fill the hole with soil and pour the lemon juice on it and pray to the god to get rid of the Sautan.
  • Write the name of your Sautan with the Sindoor(Hanuman ji ke mastak ka ). Keep it in your temple at home for whole night. It should be done on Saturday or Tuesday. Immerse this paper in flowing water in the morning without having bath. You will get magical effects of it and your husband will behave you properly.

Sautan Se Chutkara Pane Ka Totka

  • Take Illaichi powder and mix it in the food of the husband and offer him to eat. Do it on every Saturday. You will get definite results after three week.
  • This totka should be done at the time of Holika Dahan. Take Gomati Chakra and apply Sindoor on it, throw it in the fire. Take the name of the Sautan while throwing Gomati Chakra in fire.
  • Take the inner garments of your husband when he comes home after having meeting with your Sautan. Now throw this under garments in fire. Let these clothes on burning and collect the ashes or rakh of it. Throw this Rakh on a circle and come back.
  • Take 4 cloves and place it under the armpits. When these cloves get wet with your sweat take it out. Let it dry for some time and make powder of it. You can mix this clove powder in tea, milk, juice or any beverage. When your husband drinks it, he would be all yours and starts loving you more than any other woman.

Sautan Se Chutkara/Mukti Mantra

Sautan Se Chutkara/Mukti Mantra helps get rid of Sautan in your married life. This is the powerful astrological solution for all your problems.  If you want to live happily with your husband without the interference of Sautan then you can use it.

Sautan Se Chutkara

This mantra is the best solution of all problems and brings quick results. Men get attracted towards the other ladies and it is the common phenomenon occurs in our society. But it doesn’t mean they don’t love their family, wife and kids, you can restore the same love feelings in the heart and mind of your husband and get him back.

Sautan Se Chutkara

Sometimes bad things happen naturally and we need to find the solution of the problem. You need to consult with an expert for proper guidance.  So don’t ruin your and bring harmony in your married life with the help of tantra, mantra and Upay to get rid of Sautan.

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